Easy to implement, more secure, and built to scale recorded video interviews

Video technology must be your new ally. is perfect for small-medium businesses looking for an excellent but low-cost candidate experience.


All in one

You can have your process from screening to negotiation in the same place. Rate candidates, manage them, share best interviews using just one tool.


On Demand – Live

Be faster and better with your screening process. While using On demand Interviews, you can invite candidates and then review their interviews at your own pace. Also having the option of live interviewing would be excellent with their experience.



We believe in collaboration. With, you can work with your entire team in the same workspace having a standardized process to be more efficient. Also´s team is always there for you, working for your success.

"It has been a radical change and enormous help"
Verónica Cruz – Recruitment Leader SCREENIT

It has been a radical change in our process and enormous help even scheduling interviews, one of our biggest problems in recruitment when working with clients in different countries and time zones. is a gift from heaven for us this year. We can schedule an interview from México with someone in India or in Europe in a very efficient way, without waiting even 3 days just to have it.

Also giving the candidate the security and time to share his experience in the best way possible. With clients gave us a differentiator vs other companies.

We will definitely continue using!
"It front loaded the initial stages of the recruitment process and it was brilliant"
Aram Taghavi – Owner of THE GIFT CARD CAFE

We bought the company in October 2020. We had staff in México and needed a technology partner. We got introduced to, which I found to be extremely helpful and easy to use.

It front loaded the initial stages of the recruitment process and it was brilliant. It saved us a lot of time. We didn't have to interview the bulk of candidates over the phone. We were able to screen out a lot of people on the front end.

We landed on an amazing candidate we are very happy with. We are definitely looking forward to using the platform moving forward!
" has been a different and extraordinary way to be more efficient in attracting talent"
Liliana López – Founder and CEO of UMANY

We started 2021 with this sensational tool. gave us the chance of having our candidates online, having more information about them, giving them a face and voice, putting the candidates above all others with our clients.

With On Demand interviews, we could standardize our process significantly, and with live interviews we show our clients the interaction they have.

We are very happy to have on our side!

On-Demand (One way) Video Interviews

The most convenient interviewing option! On-Demand interviews allow candidates and hiring teams to participate on their own time. Dealing with scheduling conflicts and time zone disruption, will no longer be a problem. The screening process has never been easier.’s On-Demand Video Interview allows recruiters to present candidates with a standardized questionnaire to which they can pre-record their answers. This allows recruiters to analyze and rate candidates’ responses at their convenience. This is especially useful when evaluating candidates in different time zones as the recruiter, or when the hiring teams are dispersed.

Live Video Interviews

Connect with them face-to-face, in real-time, even at a distance. Our professional live video interviewing software takes video conferencing freebies to the next level.

With the live interview you can also chat, share screens and invite others. This interview will also be recorded and stored in the candidate’s profile for better and integral tracking.

Video Resume

Applicants will forget the old-fashioned way of introducing their experience to hiring managers, and be ahead of the curve by recording their professional story in a Video Resume/CV while sharing it in social media, email or any other collaboration tool.

Video resumes, as interviews, will help recruiters present their candidate with more than just a paper, but in a holistic and complete way.


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