Easy to implement, more secure, and built to scale recorded video interviews

Collok.io live and on-demand video interviewing software powers a more convenient and scalable process for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Recruiters and hiring teams can consistently evaluate recorded video interviews, seeing more candidates in less time, eliminating endless interviews and making great hires faster. Candidates have the opportunity to interview on their own time in any comfortable setting.


On-Demand (One way) Video Interviews

The most convenient interviewing option! On-Demand interviews allow candidates and hiring teams to participate on their own time. Make scheduling conflicts and time zone considerations a thing of the past.

Collok.io’s On-Demand Video Interview allows recruiters present candidates with a standardized questionnaire to which they can pre-record their answers. This allows recruiters to analyze and rate candidates’ responses at their convenience. This is especially useful when evaluating candidates in different time zones as the recruiter, or when the hiring teams are dispersed.


Live Video Interviews

Effectively pre-screen applicants by connecting with them face-to-face, in real-time, even at a distance. Our professional live video interviewing software takes video conferencing freebies to the next level.


Video Resume

Applicants will forget the old-fashioned way of introducing their experience to hiring managers and be ahead of the curve by recording their professional story in a Video Resume/CV and share it in social media, email or any other collaboration tool.

Candidate Experience

Give job applicants a user-friendly, custom-branded digital hiring experience that they’ll remember. Collok.io keeps candidates informed about the status of their application..

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Video Listings

Create Video Listings to group candidates with similar characteristics and share with potential hiring managers with a single click.

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