Our People

We are creating the new world of Recruitment through Video

CEO - Eduardo

20+ years in the recruitment industry, leading teams of 1000+ and experiencing the burden of finding in-demand talent. CEO of ScreenIT - Creating Virtual Captive Centers in Mexico for US companies.

Tech Lead - Hugo

In charge of aligning the objectives of the company with the technical feasibility of the project

PHP Dev - Armando

In charge of the building and maintaining of the web application and databases

Marketing Specialist - Cecilia

I'm in charge of creating and innovating the corporate image of Collokio. While also producing audiovisual & motion graphic content, for the business to grow organically.

CGO - Santiago

Lead and grew exponentially the Bajo Regional for Great Place to Work, certifying companies with high trust cultures and employee branding recognition, enhancing profitability, acceleration, innovation and financial sustainability.

CS Lead - Andrés

Working alongside customers to ensure their desired outcomes using Collok.io. I´ll be working with them through onboarding, configuration and achieving milestones to succeed.